Longgang ‘city brain’ put into use

Source: LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINEUpdated:2018-11-20

Longgang Smart Centre is put into use.

Longgang Smart Centre, the ‘brain’ for smart urban management of Longgang District, was put into use on Nov. 15.

District leaders Zhang Yong, Dai Bin, Liu Zhiyong, Chen Guangwen and Ren Shulu, chief logistic officer of Huawei Technologies, pressed the launch button for the project at a ceremony.

Longgang Smart Centre is the latest achievement of Longgang District Government to build a smart district, a “brain” for the smart district.

Having been dedicated to creating smart city since 2013, Longgang District developed a trinity mode of city construction with the newly-launched smart centre as its brain. The centre was seen as an advanced example of smart public with active mass participation, networking a variety of social departments and facilitating real-time monitoring and early warning of the district.

The district was striving to promote smart city governance and offering public service to its people with the help of big data. Enterprises such as HUAWEI were encouraged to take full advantage of their technological strengths and continue to do their bits for smart city construction.

Located in Longgang Smart Park, Longgang Smart Centre is the first smart city project undertaken by Huawei Technologies. The first floor of the Centre is composed of a 4,065-sqm experience area where smart city applications are demonstrated, and a 527-sqm multi-functional meeting hall.

The second floor of the Centre is equipped with a 167-sqm high-definition LED screen. It is the largest curved HD screen in China. The screen shows city data collected from all government-managed areas and provides real-time data analysis for decision-makers.