10 km happy run held in Longgang

Source: Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2018-12-28

2018 10 Kilometers Happy Run China was launched at Longgang Sports Center on Dec.22, which attracted nearly 3000 runners, sznews.com reported.

The 10 kilometers running event was organized restrictedly based on the requirements of International Association of Athletics Federations(IAAF) and Chinese Athletic Association with big prizes set for winners in order to encourage professional athletes to break records.

At the same time, the game focuses on amateur runners. For example, it added a special event, where both female and male runners who finished the running within 18 minutes after the first runner can have a special ring.

The route was set around the reservoir, providing runners a chance to enjoy natural scenery while running.

“I think the route is very suitable for running. It has a good condition and the service is fantastic. We are satisfied with the cooperation with the Longgang District and hope we could hold more sports competition here,” said Wu Hongtao, fashion and sporting director of Infront Sports & Media. (Wang Jingli)