Exit-entry documents processed hit 10m

Source: Shenzhen DailyUpdated:2019-01-02

The police’s exit-entry department has handled more than 10 million exit-entry documents in 2018.

At a ceremony marking this milestone event Dec. 24, Zhou Zhaoxiang, executive deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, presented the 10 millionth travel permit card to its recipient, Wang Yanglun, who applied for the travel permit to Hong Kong and Macao at the exit-entry service hall in Longgang District. Wang, a self-employed WeChat shop owner, was granted the travel permit Dec. 17 and said she appreciated the efficiency of the process.

“It is much easier and more convenient to apply for and get a travel permit than before. The exit-entry halls are not so crowded like before as we have several ways to apply for travel permits or get visa endorsements. Documents are processed efficiently and customer experience has been greatly improved,” Wang said in an interview Dec. 24.

In 2018, the Shenzhen police exit-entry department implemented an intelligent online service strategy to ensure applicants can complete their applications in a single trip.

In 2018, the exit-entry department introduced 24 measures, including noon service, instant mobile payment and application simplifications for mainland travelers.

For expats, police introduced seven measures to improve efficiency.

Expatriates who need to apply for certifications for a lost passport or a birth certificate for a baby born in China have been able to log onto www.szga.gov.cn to complete the application instead of visiting a police office since August, 2018.

Before that, foreigners who had lost their passports needed to fill out a form at the processing hall of the immigration office and then submit a lost article report at a police station before their applications could be processed. Foreigners who wanted to apply for a birth certificate for a child born in China had to make an appointment online before submitting all of the required documents, including original passports and printed copies, to the administration hall of the entry-exit department.

Expatriates who work at Fortune 500 companies, the country’s top 500 companies, listed companies, large-scale leading companies recognized by Guangdong’s provincial authority, top 100 tax-paying companies, industrial companies or foreign trade companies in Shenzhen can access exclusive visa-related services. The time for handling visa-related documents has been shortened from seven days to five.

The volume of the city’s exit-entry document processing has increased 20 percent per year in recent years. In 2017, police handled 7.75 million exit-entry documents.