Shenzhen Universiade Center

Source: Invest ShenzhenUpdated:2018-11-15

Shenzhen Universiade Center is the main venue of the 26th Universiade, covering an area of 13.7 square kilometers and is an important urban landmark in Shenzhen. The game center includes the main stadium, the main sports venue, the swimming pool, the Universiade Lake and sports facilities such as the a leisure plaza and a sports service area. The center also has a music fountain and a large stage above water. In a triangular layout, the stadium and its two venues are connected by water in the middle part, shaping like three crystal boulders surrounded by mountains and green spaces to form a unique “mountain stone” structure. The surrounding green space of the game center presents a new landscape with the characteristics of “tropical scenery, distinctive seasons and real ecology”. The game center hosts international-level competitions and large-scale arts activities.